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Guests with Disabilities

We have an unwavering commitment to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment and accessible experiences for our event guests. Below are our available accommodations for guests with special needs.

Should a guest require accommodations in addition to or other than the accommodations described below while visiting the Jeffco Fair & Festival or should a guest have additional questions or need to speak with a representative, please either email info@celebratejeffco.com or call 303.271.6600 ahead of your visit.


First Aid

Mobility Devices



Service Animals

Main Stage Concerts

Limited Viewing Area (ADA & Companion)

Rodeo Arena Access, Tickets & Seating

Arena Access

Arena Tickets (Wheelchair Accessible & Companion)

Arena Seating (Wheelchair Accessible & Companion)

Click image to open Rodeo Arena map 

Suggestions for improvements and additional services are always welcomed by the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. Please contact our offices during business hours at 303.271.6600 or by emailing us at info@celebratejeffco.com with any questions or needs.
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